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ABOUT icde

The International Center for Dialogue and Education (ICDE) is a global non-profit - selected for 3 consecutive years in the USA as one of the world's most innovative initiatives and institutions promoting Sustainable Development.


Since 2006 ICDE has effectively promoted widely proven economic, human, community and sustainable development as well as constructive diversity, social inclusion and game changing social innovation.


ICDE has successfully helped thousands of people around the globe - from Fortune 500 and Global 500 senior executives to low income youth in marginalized communities; universities, governmental institutions and think thank leaders - to develop state-of-the-art world class strategic communications and cross-cultural skills and strategies.


In this process, we reduced our carbon footprint in more than 65% comparing to our main competitors, granted more than 400 scholarships and involved more than 300 volunteers professionals from 5 continents. 


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