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With a team of hundreds of experts, coaches and mentors from 38 countries and several professional backgrounds, ICDE has served thousands of people from 5 continents, with internationally aclaimed results.


We have developed awarded successful strategies, solutions and training for some of the world's most influential institutions, executives, immigrant professionals and young talented people. 


Our services are customized for your specific needs and goals.


Vist here to read some of our clients' testimonials and the impact and results on their institutions and careers.



Strategic Communications 
  • Strategic Communications consulting

  • Marketing & Public Relations consulting 

  • Executive and Corporate Strategic Communications training 

  • New Medias Training 

  • Inter Cultural corporate Competence

Diversity Strategic Training


  • Improving business outcomes through Diversity 

  • Mentoring for Culturally Diverse Environments

  • Promoting Diversity on Leadership for Business innovation and Sustainable Development

  • Social Enterprising focused on Human Sustainable Development through Diversity



  • Coaching for international goals

  • Individual coaching 

  • Coaching for institutions 

  • Executive coaching 

  • Coaching for interviews

  • Language training for Specific Purposes and Learning Acceleration


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