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TEAM icde

ICDE's Team is a combination between the Multidisciplinary Team - formed by highly experienced and educated experts in Communications, Education, Psicology, International Relationships, Social Sciences, Social Work, Community Development, Sustainable Development; a Team of Coaches and Consultants - with multiple experience in several professional and business areas - and volunteers who are recruited thorugh our partners in Brazil and USA. ICDE's Team members are born and or raised in 38 different nations from 5 different continents and this Diversity and multiple perspectives help fostering our cutting edge world wide recognized innovation.

Multi-Disciplinary Team

MÁRCIA OLIVEIRA is a educator and social entrepreneur in Brazil. She is born and raised in São Carlos, one of Rio de Janeiro's  most historic communities, known both by its low income and Human Development Index as well as by its rich cultural heritage. She became a language and communications educator by a combination between talent, dedication to overcome challenges, great female leadership in the Family and scholarships.


SHANNON EAST - co-founder of ICDE, former ICDE's COO and executive communications coach, Shannon has a Bachelor's degree in Communications from California State University Fullerton and is now concluding her Masters in International Studies at the University of Oregon. Shannon comes from a family of education and entrepreneurs.  She is a descendant of Indigenous Mexicans and Europeans.  She has also worked in concert production and promotion in Los Angeles.  By using virtual technology to compensate for the lack of infrastructure, Shannon has helped develop a methodology for teaching communications and language for children and adults in a low-income community in Peru. In Costa Rica, Mexico and Brazil she trained executives in multi-national companies to communicate on a global level with a cultural competence perspective.


KATE BOUGHEY – was born in the UK and graduated in Theology from London University and has an MBA from Cambridge University. Kate has experience teaching communications and language in Indonesia, Thailand and Brazil, working with executive and high impact professionals in large corporations.


NICHOLE TABBOTT - Originally from Denver, Colorado Nichole is graduated with a bachelors in Communications from Chapman University, in California. She worked in multimedia for 8 years and then wnet back to school for a Masters in Art Education, in Philadelphia at the University of the Arts. She likes to combine her artistic skills, with her communications skills and her educator skills to enrich the lives of others.


CASSIA LECCE - Graduated in Pedagogy and in English Literature from two of Brazil’s best Universities, Cassia is passionate about education and its outcomes.


LUCIENE BRAGA - Is a pedagogue and educator with wide range experience working with marginalized communities, social enterprise, innovation in education and cultural diversity.


JAMILLE SUAHRS - Graduated in French and Portuguese Literature Jamille is an educator, feminist and anti-Racism activist and hip hop artist. She was raised in Rio de Janeiro and now lives in Brazil's booming energy resources region in the country's Southeast.


DENISE PINTO - Thirty years of experience as a language and communications educator in Latin America's largest institutions as well as an advisor on international work and education programs.


PAULA GUIMARÃES - Experienced accountant, Paula is born and raised in one of Rio de Janeiro's most segregated areas  and is both a great example of overcoming challenges and of professional excellence.


MAYRA REIS - Graduated in psychology Mayra is specialized on workplace dynamics and on improving life quality at work.


FABIANE MARINHO - Social worker student from Brazil's largest university Fabiane is an extraordinary example of dedication to community development through education.




Coaches & Consultants Team


VANESSA ROGERS has been working with communications training in key institutions and companies in South Korea, Japan, Argentina, Spain, Ireland and Brazil. Native from Australia, she has a degree in Linguistics (Phonetics & Phonology) and in Education. Vanessa has experience with preparing for international exams and with General & Conversation classes as well as a global perspective in relation to cross cultural challenges and solutions.


OLIVER MAGEE – Born in Germany to an Irish family, Oliver studied Psychology, Geography, Fine Art and Design Technology in England. Certificated by CELTA has worked in Argentina, Colombia and decided to live permanently in Brazil where he came to do volunteer work in 2008. Oliver loves teaching and especially creating new and dynamic activities.


LUKE HAMMONDS - Born, Wyoming in the United States, after finishing high school, Luke lived in Switzerland for one year as a Rotary Exchange Student.  On completion of his exchange year in Switzerland, he returned to the United States to attend college at the University of Puget Sound where he majored in both English and German. Upon graduation, he was awarded a Fulbright Teaching Fellowship to teach English to foreigners in Hamburg, Germany. In 2009 he graduated from Eastern Washington University with his Master in Fine Arts in English, Creative Writing. Luke also worked as copywriter at Discovery Student Adventures and as a Research Assistant at National Geographic Explorer. 


MARIE-LOUISE COSTER - From the South coast of England, Marie-Louise studied English Literature, Art and Communication leading to a career in the advertising industry. She has plenty of experience both in Brazil and Argentina with tourism writing.


WILLA MILLER - Born and raised in California, Willa graduated with a BA in psychology from the University of California at Santa Cruz. She has always taken great pleasure in teaching and helping those in need, and worked for several years as a health educator in a hospital for underprivileged and at-risk women in a low income community of Oakland. In an effort to apply her passions to a global cause, Willa has traveled the world not only to teach, but to learn about the local people and cultures.


LAIA TOR - Laia is from Barcelona but has spent most of her life abroad in Mexico, Norway, Ireland, UK, France and Brazil. She studied Social Work and more recently English Literature. She uses her social work background, communications and inter-cultural skills as a complementary blend while Educating. 


NIAMH WHIRISKEY - From the Republic of Ireland, Niamh is a Clinical Psychologist and has worked with both adults and children in Ireland. Drawing from her skills as a psychologist and communications educator, she focus on making the process of learning a collaborative and interactive experience. 


ELAINE MACHADO Is a language and communication educator born and raised in one of Brazil's most marginalized communities. Elaine and her personal determination is an exceptional tale of overcoming great challenges to create amazing outcomes.


DESTA HAILÉ - Desta is a multi-talented educator and artist with vast global experience in several cultures and continents. Half Eritrean and half British, Desta has a extremely high communications and intercultural competence skills.


ALISON BOOKER - Former professional ballerina with vast international experience, Alison is from Sydney, Australia and has worked with executive communications education at the largest corporations in the American continent.


EDUARDO PLATA - Eduardo is an education manager and language consultant from Madrid, Spain.


LOUISE EDIMO - Louise is a communication educator and journalist born in Cameroon and with wide international experience.



Rodrigo Silva de Paula
Chairman of the Executive Board

Social entrepeneur, business leader, communications & marketing executive, researcher and cultural competence coach, Rodrigo is specialized in promoting business and social innovation, leading North American and Latin American corporations and institutions with highly diverse workforces and ambitious goals. He was the CEO who conceived, developed and lead ICDE to be selected in the USA as one of the most innovative, Sustainable Development focused and effective social entreprise in the world for 3 consecutive years.


Rodrigo also lead the creation and development of ICDE'S main innovations including executive coaching for effective strategic communications, communications in culturally diverse environments, social enterprise training, mentoring for leadership in the global job market, Community Participatory Transparent Management, carbon footprint reduction, among others. 


Rodrigo has 2 decades of experience with strategic communications, public & press relations and media training as well as a broadcast and print media investigative reporter – at some of the largest national prime time news, newspapers and radio stations in the American continent. He worked in several newspaper, television and radio newsrooms, honing his skills as a reporter, producer and writer and has extensive experience as an international investigative reporter, researching and writing about the most crucial issues of our time. Rodrigo worked for Business, Politics, World, Culture, Technology, Literature, Lifestyle, Sports and Metro desks and had the opportunity to participate on international events coverage, interview chiefs of state, global newsmakers and cultural icons. 


As a member of the Global Reporting Center's Honorary Advisory Board - a team that includes some of the most awarded journalists and investigative reporters in the planet - I am able to dedicate some time to my passion for solutions oriented journalism and using innovations to highlight important neglected stories around the world.


As a public speaker, lecturer, Human Rights researcher and advocate Rodrigo has been invited to speak on business and social innovation, leadership, Communications, Diversity, Cultural Competence, Inequalities and Sustainable Development by several institutions in different countries including the USA, Canada and Brazil - always presenting ICDE'sresults and ground breaking solutions. Some were academic centers such as University of Oregon and Johns Hopkins University, other multilateral institutions, such as the World Bank and the United Nations. The list also include governamental bodies and non-profit organizations such as Health Canada, Vancouver Public Library and BC Neighbourhood Houses.


As a Global Rights research fellow he lead an international team of 18 Phd and masters graduated social scientists and researchers. The research included 16 countries and focused on Human Rights and the interrelationship of education, poverty, inequality and development. The findings - to which ICDE has successfuly addressed - were presented at the World BankJohns Hopkins University, the Third Millenium Foundation, among other institutions. Rodrigo also leads other human and sustainable community development initiatives and sits on executive boards in the USA, Brazil and Canada. His passion and skill is to combine creativity, efficient strategic communications, entrepreneurship, and cultural competence – with a global perspective – in order to solve key problems and challenges and promote real world wide Sustainable, Community and Human Development. 


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